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App NameGBWhatsapp APK
VersionLatest Version
File Size62 MB
Requirements4.2 and up
Main PurposeNew Extra Features
Total Downloads100,000,000
Last update2 hours ago

GBWhatsApp APK Download

GBWhatsApp APK is a unique and developed app that allows users to use WhatsApp with hundreds of new and amazing features. Usually, people use WhatsApp to remain in touch with one another. It is also an easy way to share data such as different files (images, videos, documents, videos, etc.), but GBWhatsAPP APK has something new for WhatsApp users. They can personalize their WhatsApp using experience with the help of its amazing features. They can access many hidden privacy controls such as managing double click, hiding their status from selected contacts, or seeing deleted chat messages. All this and many more are accessible with the help of this latest version of GBWhatsApp.

Let’s talk about how many amazing features GBWhatsApp has to deliver you. Further, we will also make a guide on how to download and use GBWhatsApp on your device. Let’s go.


Auto Reply

The auto-reply feature is the next amazing feature that allows you to respond quickly while not near your mobile. This response will be based on selected lines you will write when you add a quick auto-response. It may be greetings or another reply such as “I am not available at present.

Hiding Status

This version of WhatsApp allows you to hide your status from selected persons. Now, you can put all of your desired status on your WhatsApp. You will not fear seeing it by your mom, dad, or teacher. You can restrict them by seeing your that selected status.

Main Features

GBWhatsApp is popular due to the extra features which it provides its users. Enabling users to access these amazing features is also a unique feature, but below we will go through one by one all its features.

DoubleTick Managing

Privacy controls are the thing that they provide their users with an amazing social media experience. This feature allows you to manage and hide double ticks for chat messages.

With the help of this feature, you can watch chat messages without letting him (sender) know. It will remain a secret that you see or not see the messages.

DND Messages

This is such an amazing feature of GBWhatsApp. It works just as an airplane mood but just for GB WhatsApp. When you enable it, you will not receive any message from GBWhatsAPP but other apps’ internet will work smoothly.

Text Messages Broadcasting

It allows you to stream chat with any specific person in a group. Friends may surprise one another with their live chat broadcasting in a group. In business, they can show their chat with their whole team at once. It will save their time and also be a productive hack for business.

Read Deleted Messages

Sometimes, when you open WhatsApp, you see a message deleted by the sender. This is unpleasant because we become curious, and the sender will never talk about it.

GBWhatsAPP solves the issue and provides anti revoke messages option. With its help, you can read deleted messages and surprise the sender by replying to the deleted message.

See Deleted Status

Such as you can see once deleted message, you can also access deleted status. A person who puts its status for a second and deletes it will remain surprised when you reply to him about it. These options look annoying regarding a person’s privacy, but it’s available.

Live Location Sharing

GBWhatsApp’s latest version, 2023, makes it easy for people to share their live locations. Now, you can easily know about one another’s location. It mainly helps couples who love one another severely, but it’s also helpful for many businesses.

Revoke Multiple Messages At the Same Time

This way, you will not get bothered due to a plethora of messages. You will be able to answer them one by one.

Own Effects To Edit Image Or Video

I want to tell you that GB WhatsAPP contains its effects collection. With the help of these effects, you can edit videos or images before sharing them with others.

Downloading Status

After seeing the deleted status, it is also amazing to see the download status. It is because official WhatsApp is still not providing this feature to its users. Now, you can download the status of your taste and make a collection of them. Languages Support

Official WhatsApp supports nearly 50 languages, while GB WhatsAPP supports 130. You can also use your desired language as default.

Last Seen Hiding

With the help of GBWhatsApp, you can also manage your last seen according to you. You can set a time which will show as your last seen.

Wide Theme Collection

Regarding customization, it also has an amazing theme collection that can give its users an amazing feel. They can select their beloved theme to activate it on their WhatsApp background.

New Amazing Features

Hide Notifications Pop Up

If pop-up chat notifications bother you, you can hide them simply with the help of GBWhatsAPP APK. Go to its main screen and find the option to hide the pop-up notification and turn it off.

Stylish Fonts

Just look at the app! It’s providing its users also new stylish fonts. It means you don’t need to wander on different sites when you want to change the font style of your messages. Getting bored with old fonts is normal because we have used them for a decade. Now, explore new amazing font styles with GBWhatsApp.

Emojis Collection

Customization options such as themes are improving daily as the emojis collection is also getting vast with time. Now, you can enjoy new emojis with every new version of GBWhatsApp.

Status Length Increases

If you are found to write status for your WhatsApp, you will notice that official WhatsApp allows you to write it for 139 characters. GB WhatsApp is one step ahead when it comes to it. It allows you to write status for more than 255 characters.

Notification Of Minor Changes

Now, you can keep an eye on every minor happening in your contact list. For example, when any person in your contact will change their profile picture, it will notify you.

Vast Document Sharing

Official WhatsApp allows us to share content with limitations. Traditionally, GBWhatsApp also works here and increases the limits to send content. You can share 30 documents at a single time, while the official app allows you to share just 15 documents. On the official app, you can send 30 images at the same time, while on GBWhatsApp, you can share 90 images at the same time. Its main thing is that it will maintain the quality of your images.

Blank Message Sending

What will you feel when anyone sends you a blank message? If you are an official WhatsApp user, you will feel astonished. GB WhatsApp’s latest version, 2023, allows its users to send blank messages to anyone, which is unavailable on official WhatsApp. Individial Chat Privacy

With this help, you can lock any specific chat. Go to your chats and select the chat you want to lock. It will provide you with a sense of double security regarding your beloved chat.

Message Scheduler Feature

You will feel a sense of happiness when you participate in any celebrating moment of a specific person. GBWhatsApp allows you to do that. It is because you can schedule auto messages to someone in your contact list. You can use this feature to wish them happy birthdays or any other special moment. You can also schedule your anniversary with it, leading you to receive a dinner table full of your loving dishes.

Record Audio Calls

You cannot record calls (audio) on official WhatsApp, but with the latest version of GBWhatsAPP 2023, it is accessible. I mean to say that you can record calls (audio).

Long Status Uploading

On official WhatsAap, you can only share statuses under 30 seconds, but GBWhatsAap allows you to share long statuses with your audience.

Collection Of Stylish Clicks

Modern styles are such things that amuse people a lot. You can also amuse your chat partner with a collection of stylish clicks.

Important Note:

All possible features are mentioned above, but for you, it is important to know that all features are free of cost. You do not need to pay a cent using the latest Download GBWhatsApp Anti Ban version 2023. So, don’t get depressed and use it with a feeling of independence.

How To Download GBWhatsApp Latest Version 2023 ON Android?

Downloading the app needs some technical knowledge. Without it, you cannot install it on your Android device.

Go and grab them without any hesitation.

How TO Download GBWhatsApp For iPhone?

Android is the most used operating system, but iPhone also covers a lot of audiences. To use it on iPhone, you need to download GBWhatsAap iOS.

  • For iOS files, search them and download them from a trusted resource.
  • Install it and make an account on it.
  • This will enable you to enjoy all those features while using GBWhatsAap on your iPhone.
  • Important Note:
  • Most iOS users do not know how to use this app on iOS. So, I cover the solution. Go and don’t let the opportunity go away.

How To Download GBWhatsApp On PC?

  • Downloading GBWA latest version on a PC is also an easy task. It is not able to download it directly. So, it is essential for you to download an emulator.
  • “Bluestack” is a popular emulator for such purposes.
  • So, download GBWhatsApp’s latest Anti Ban version, 2023, and create an account.
  • Make an account and enter the astonishing world of amazement.

How To Download GBWhatsApp On MAC?

  • Downloading an app on MAC does not require any special step. Follow the steps mentioned in the process to download the app on your PC.

Requirements To Downlaod GBWhataApp

  1. You must have an internet connection. Wifi also works.
  2. It will ask you to access your gallery, which is necessary to provide.
  3. It also requires access to your contacts. Without permission, it never allows you to make an account on it.
  4. Android Version 4.3 is a minimal requirement.


  1. Many privacy options are available such as managing status, double ticks, last seen, etc.
  2. Customization options, such as a collection of themes and emojis, are also amazing.
  3. You can send multiple images at the same time without compromising on their resolutions.
  4. Stylish fonts are also available.
  5. It allows you to share longer status, more than 30 seconds.
  6. The latest version of the app is the anti-ban
  7. Supports a plethora of languages

Is It Possible To Make Backups Of Your Chats With GBWhatsApp?

Yes, it is possible. You can easily do that. Below, we will walk through the process of making a backup.

1. Process To BackUp Through APK

  • Open the app and look for the setting. Find the “Chat Backup.”
  • Click on “save,” which will lead you to save a copy of your messages. It also works to save media stored in your internal storage.
  • This way, you can make a backup through APK.

2. Process To Make Backup With PC

  • You need to use Dr. Fone-Bring Back Social Application to make a backup on your PC. With its help, you can manage your device information on a limited level.
  • It’s a limited technology, but with its help, you can share data from your chats, calls, media shares, and documents. Share can be managed on PC.


Is it safe to use it?

Yes, it is safe to use. Besides this, it’s a third-party app that you can use without safety regrets.

From Where must I download it?

Is it necessary to have a rooted device to use it?

Does it provide data backup?

Does it affect official WhatsApp?

Does it support iPhone, or is it just available for Androids?

Is it necessary to update it?

Is the anti-ban version of GBWhatsApp available?

Final Words

GBWhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. It mainly focuses on offering users features that the officially does not provide. All that features are mentioned above in detail, which shows that it’s an amazing app that deserves such numbers of the audience as it has.

With its help, you can do many amazing things which can help you to make your unique presence among your fellows. So, don’t waste time and grab the opportunity to become a hero. Search for “GBWhatsApp APK Download” and download it.